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A Faith-Based Ministry for Spiritual Guidance

Firmament Of Love Outreach Ministry in Irving, Texas, is a faith-based ministry designed to provide personal empowerment tools, uplift your spiritual consciousness, raise self-awareness, and share God's love with each other. We offer our apostolic teachings in order to better the lives of our fellow neighbors.

Our Ministry

Our services are held at 3620 West Pioneer Dr. Irving, TX. every Thursday night. Services usually last about two hours. The dress code is casual, so free to come in your daily clothing. We have a core group of about a dozen people who join us regularly. Our services are open to everyone interested in joining or observing our prophetic atmosphere.


You can give to our church via the website. All donations are tax deductible.


There are no qualifications required to become a member. Before you start, we would like a short meet and greet to discuss your wish to serve and your time availability. All who would like to volunteer are welcome.

Bible Study

As an Apostolic-Prophetic ministry, our atmosphere blends fire and passion with knowledge and understanding. Participate in our bible study every Thursday, during which time we will praise and worship. There is always a word from God to hear. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Your Intimate Relationship With God and Not Man
  • Leaving Your Past and Pressing On To Your Present and Future
  • Understanding What Your Purpose Is
  • Why You Were Created

What To Bring

Feel free to bring your own bible. We provide everything else you need. Water is available during study. Services are led by Elder Arbie Hobbs and Prophetess Arria Hobbs.